Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sinful Colours Nail Polish Review


I haven't posted in a while but recently I went shopping with my friend and we went into boots. Whilst in the store we saw the Sinful Colours nail polish stand and I immediately had to get some and try the brand out.

With the nail polishes only being £1.99 each I couldn't resist on not buying any, the colours I chose were 'cinderella' and 'matte savage'. The 'Cinderella' polish is a light pastel blue with a hint of silver shimmer. 'Matte savage' is a teal colour which I love! Also with it being matte it is right on trend. I totally recomend these two colours.

The whole range of Sinful Colours collection are beautiful and with them being soo cheap you can't go wrong. The quality of the actual polish is really nice, compared to high brands these are just as good (well in my opinion anyway).  

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Fran xo 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Barry M hello Hi-shine nail polish

Hello everyone,
Sorry I have not posted in a while since I have had a lot of homework and a busy week at school. But I hope you enjoy my post.

Now I haven't ever tried out any Barry m nail polish at all until I brought these two extremely stunning ones! 

So obviously because they are gelly nail polishes they are quite thick, well they are for me anyway. They coat well and are worth the money, since I only payed £6 for the 2! 

I was really impressed by the colour of them I applied two coats to my nails. Three coats would look better in my opinion. The polish does chip more than I'd like it to, but maybe thats just me being impatient. 

Nevertheless these nail polishes are good  and worth the money. I am going to repurchase these or any Barry M nail polishes in fact. 

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Monday, 13 May 2013

Avon nail polish review


Today's review is going to be about Avon nail polish. This certain one is called 'Starry Sky', this colour is soo pretty it is a glittery silver colour with lots of shimmer.

I have been a fan of Avon's make-up in general but their nail polish range is really good and affordable as are most of their products. This nail polish is £3 which i think is quite cheap.

It is great to apply on your nails and the brush on them are also quite thin but nicer to use. The nail polish stays on your nails for a week without chipping, well it does in my experience anyway. 

Either way it stays on for a decent amount of time and dries fast so that helps for people who get impatient when waiting for your nails to dry. I fully recommend Avon's products because they have never let me down. 

You can buy these from an Avon catalogue or online.

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Fran xo

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

' The Fault In Our Stars' By John Green

                                 Hello everyone, 

So as you can see from the title this blog post will be about the book ' The Fault In Our Stars' by John Green . This review will not be telling you what happens in the story because then there would be no point in reading the book. This is simply my thoughts on it. If you like John Green's books then i'm sure you will be a big fan of this one.

 Now not many people on blogs do reviews on books (which I have seen anyway) but I thought i'd do one. I got this book brought for me for my birthday, everyone was talking about it so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I thought this book was really overrated and was going to be rubbish, everyone was recommending the book to me so I gave in a read it.

By chapter two in the book I was hooked! I didn't want to put the book down so it only took me a day to read. The story itself was amazing, most books these days have a good enough story line but they are not believable. This book was based on real life situations with a little bit of romance but not what you would expect. 

I think everyone who reads this books falls in love with the characters Augustus Waters and Hazel Lancaster (Hazel Grace). Well I did anyway their story of how they met isn't how you would of expected it to, also as said in the book ' it isn't a typical cancer type story' which is true. The book has humor to it and is not a depressing story to read as most books are written or made out to be.

Near the end of the book it gets so sad and an unexpected twist happens which made me look at the book in a totally different way. This is the very first John Green book I have read and will also be purchasing many more.

You can purchase this book from amazonebay or any book store.

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Primark Fashion False Nails Review!

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on this blog so I thought I would start with a little one! I recently went shopping to Primark and noticed they had some false nails for £1. They had quite a few designs and I saw some that caught my eye.

I've not heard much about their false nails but I thought for a £1 I couldn't go wrong! The ones I picked up were french blue tips with pink, blue, silver sparkle flicks on the side. They really caught my eye and I thought they would be great for a party or night out.

When I opened them I saw they came with a tube of cheap lucking glue. I researched some reviews of them and got a mixed response back. I decided to give it a go and found it did not last long at all. I recommend using your own preferred nail glue with these nails.

The false nails are good quality for the money and like are said are really nice for a party or night out somewhere. I got quite a lot of compliments and people asking if I got them done professionally.

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Fran Louise